What are the benefits of using VR in care?

Recreo VR is passionately committed to improving the mental and social well-being of individuals in the care sector through our person-centred VR content. By immersing residents in captivating virtual environments that reflect their personal histories, hobbies, and topics of interest, we inspire engagement, spark memories, and foster a sense of reconnection with the outside world.

Immersive Exploration

Those in care can explore new environments and embark on virtual journeys, expanding their horizons and providing a sense of adventure and discovery.


VR gives residents who can't usually get involved with group activities, or those receiving domiciliary care, the opportunity to enjoy rengage with the outside world once more.

Person Centred Content

We film bespoke content for individuals and provide experiences requested by residents, promoting person-centred care and individual empowerment.

Promote Continued Learning

Our interesting educational content, like virtual tours of National Trust properties, provide an excellent opportunity for continued learning.

Family Activity

Involving relatives in the process can offer insight and reward, with some of our most memorable experiences arising from families being able to revisit their favourite places together

Achieve an 'Outstanding' Rating

Recreo VR empowers your organisation to embrace virtual reality technology and enables your service users to reconnect with the community through immersive VR experiences of the local area.

VR Reminisc­ence Therapy

We have co-designed our reminiscence content with individuals affected by dementia, prioritising the best outcomes for your clients at all times. Our nationwide service offers personalised reminiscence content that stimulates memories and encourages meaningful conversations through thought-provoking environments.

Improve wellbeing

By providing person-centred environments, we aim to dismantle physical barriers and bring joy into the lives of those living with dementia, offering a refreshing change of scenery.

Reconnect with the past

Virtual reality grants individuals access to dormant memories, prompting them to share life stories and fostering strong connections between caregivers and those they support.

Reminisce with Family and friends

VR sessions offer families a fun way to share experiences, reconnecting through visits to past holiday locations and shared interests.

Dementia Friendly

Our app, service, and experiences have been co-designed with individuals affected by dementia, ensuring that your residents can maximise the benefits of virtual reality.

Benefits FAQ

Virtual reality is generally safe for elderly adults, but it's important to consider individual health conditions and potential risks such as motion sickness. Recreo VR have co-designed an application and library of content with elderly adults and carers to minimise the risk and developed user guidance so VR can be used safely in these settings.
Absolutely! Virtual reality can have profound positive impacts on the mental well-being of elderly adults. By providing engaging and immersive experiences, virtual reality stimulates cognitive abilities, promotes reminiscence therapy, reduces anxiety and depression, and ignites a sense of joy, curiosity, and exploration. These factors work together to enhance the overall mental well-being of elderly adults, contributing to a greater sense of fulfilment and quality of life.
Virtual reality can enhance social well-being by offering opportunities for shared virtual adventures and conversations. These experiences enable elderly adults to connect with others, build social connections, and engage in collaborative activities, reducing feelings of isolation and fostering a sense of community and companionship.