Tailored Virtual Reality Services

Explore our tailored virtual reality services for the care sector. Our Recreo headsets are pre-configured, ensuring seamless engagement and entertainment for your service users right from the moment you open the box. With carefully crafted content, we ensure a fun and suitable experience for all. Elevate care experiences with our accessible and therapeutic VR solutions


Recreo Theaters

Use our VR headset to revolutionise the way you deliver care with seasonal content and a wide range of engaging experiences.

  1. Recreo VR headset with easy to use software built for the care sector
  2. Full training and support for your staff
  3. New experiences frequently cycled for you by our support team
  4. Headset maintenance and replacement

Have Your Own Bespoke VR App

Provide more person centred experiences by requesting content for individuals across your organisation.

  1. Everything included in Recreo Theatres
  2. Have full control over the content on your VR headsets
  3. App fully branded to your organisation
  4. Build internal 360° projects with us
  5. Provide personal content, recorded specifically for your service users

Easy-to-Use Application

At Recreo VR, we prioritise simplicity and accessibility. Our user-friendly application ensures that both caregivers and residents can effortlessly navigate the virtual reality experience. With an intuitive interface and minimal training required, you can focus on delivering exceptional care, rather than grappling with complex technology.

“The headset is really easy to use, some of our carers aren't very tech savvy but have no trouble using the headset” - Manager, Care Home

Full Support, Training and Maintenance

Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive training, ensuring that you and your staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to maximise the benefits of virtual reality in your care setting. We also offer ongoing maintenance and technical support, ensuring the smooth operation of our VR applications.

“The residents are happy, smiling and energised all from the comfort of their trusty armchair” - Activities Coordinator, Care Home

Recreo Theatres 360 Content

We take pride in producing high-quality, bespoke content tailored to the care sector. Our team of skilled professionals captures stunning 360-degree videos and images, ensuring a truly immersive virtual reality experience. Whether it's serene nature landscapes, historical landmarks, or familiar places from an individual's past, our recorded content offers a window into the world to reminisce and explore.

“It's great to see an activity that my mum has really engaged with and spoke about so enthusiastically” - Daughter of person living with Dementia

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Experience the transformative benefits of virtual reality in the care sector with Recreo VR. Contact us today to discover how our innovative solutions can enhance the lives of your clients and empower your caregivers to provide the highest standard of care. Together, let's unlock new dimensions of joy, connection, and well-being.